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Sid Perkes - Silent Passing

Silent Passing

Available in Print or as an eBook

Set in a small western farming community in the early 1940s, Silent Passing is the story of the friendship between Andy, an eleven-year-old farm boy, and Charlie, an old farmer who lives across the street. Charlie is perceived by most of the townspeople, including Andy, as a strange and scary old man; but events bring the two together and a relationship develops. Each brings something to the friendship that the other wants and needs. The town is beginning to change as the pioneer generation dies off and progress and the forces of nature bring a new character to the place. At the same time, Andy and Charlie find themselves each facing difficult personal challenges; challenges that deeply affect their friendship and change their lives. Theirs is a story that evokes memories of friendships, both treasured and forgotten.

Sid Perkes - Lettie


Available in Print or as an eBook

There's a run-down, abandoned farm in the middle of nowhere. It's a place where people live in primitive conditions, far from civilization, and choose to experience the world differently than most. And why? Lettie knows. Lettie lives on a dry farm in a remote region of the West in the first half of the twentieth century. Her story, told from childhood through middle age, is one of a strong-willed woman facing constant challenges. She survives miles from the nearest neighbor and struggles through devastating personal experiences that have nothing to do with climate or location. Whether being stigmatized by nearby townspeople or tormented by horrors that may leave her a shell of a woman, Lettie strives to find a way. The way to hold her head high, make sense of life and find some kind of love isn't easy, but it is what someone from such a place does to survive.

Sid Perkes - Silent Passing


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Sam is raised by his grandparents on a remote ranch in the mountains. He has the ability to connect with wild and domestic animals. He loses his aged grandparents at nineteen and has to leave his home and face the outside world. Sam's story is of a young mand with a special gift trying to survive in a demanding and hostile world. He meets a broad spectrum of people and faces and overcomes problems to live a full productive life. His story explores the question can someone like Sam survive, hold on to his gift, and find happiness in our world?

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