Perkes Artworks

Artist Statement

Writers I respect include John Steinbeck, Ernest Hemingway and Larry McMurtry, among many others; and I admire the painters of the Impressionist Movement, their works have influenced me greatly. I also respect the painters of the 19th century Romanic Movement.

In my paintings I do not attempt to capture a realistic image of a scene, rather I explore the effects of light and the illusion of depth. For the moment, I am interested in continuing my exploration of light and mood; and I look forward to what the future may bring.

In my writing, I am interested in historical fiction. I draw on places and the rural life style, often based on my past experiences, to create settings and atmosphere for my characters. I often write to answer a question. For example, I know about survive living on a farm; but if I were in Lettieā€™s place, how would I cope with the isolation and desolation of living on a remote dry farm in the early 1900s? In the case of Silent Passing the question was simple, what would happen if Andy and Charlie met?

I also paint nuns. My fascination with the subject stems from teaching at a Catholic College in Wisconsin. My interest is not in individual nuns but in the mood created by a group of them. During my years in Madison, I would see a group going from the convent to the chapel or campus, I could tell from the way they carry their bodies and the manner of their movement whether the occasion was solemn, non-religious, etc. I plan to continue to explore the subject.

I still have a lot to learn both as a writer and a painter, and I intend to continue to explore both art forms until my style finds me.