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Sid Perkes - Artworks and Novels

Sid’s artworks are in the Gallery and Archive sections on this site. Be sure to check them out. Sid’s artwork is currently on exhibit in galleries and at Le Nonne Restaurant in Logan. Sid has two published novels. Check them out in the Novels Section on this site.

Sid Perkes - Silent Passing

Silent Passing - a new novel by Sid Perkes

Set in a small western farming community in the early 1940s, Silent Passing is the story of the friendship between Andy, an eleven-year-old farm boy, and Charlie, an old farmer who lives across the street. Charlie is perceived by most of the townspeople, including Andy, as a strange and scary old man; but events bring the two together and a relationship develops. Each brings something to the friendship that the other wants and needs. The town is beginning to change as the pioneer generation dies off and progress and the forces of nature bring a new character to the place. At the same time, Andy and Charlie find themselves each facing difficult personal challenges; challenges that deeply affect their friendship and change their lives. Theirs is a story that evokes memories of friendships, both treasured and forgotten.